Will an Opossum Under a Shed have a Nest of Babies?

Like any other mammal on earth, Tulsa opossums have young and they want to do it in a place that provides security and safety. The last thing they want is for a predator to come along and eat the babies after they have been born. That would defeat the whole purpose of having young, and goes against the natural instincts that Oklahoma animals have.

The mother also has concerns for herself as well. She wants to make sure that she is well protected and does not give predators’ access to herself while she is having babies and after she has had them. Obviously during the time that she is having the babies and just after she has had them her ability to protect herself has been diminished as she is a bit exhausted after undergoing childbirth. To accommodate these concerns, the mother will attempt to find a place that is generally secure is difficult for other Tulsa animals to find. One of the best places they can find may be under your porch or in your shed.

First of all, these are natural places for a Tulsa opossum to make a nest in. The reason is quite simple. These are nocturnal animals, and under the porch and in the shed are generally dark even during the day. This allows these animals to sleep well and not has to be worried about being hunting. They can then slip out when it is dark and head out to forage for food.

This is enough reason for them to want to setup residence in either of these places, but the fact that the mother is going to have babies makes it even more ideal. Not only is it a safe location to have babies, but there is also the fact that there is probably a lot of food around these areas as well. People have garbage cans that have food in them that they can use to nourish themselves. Bird seed and pet food that home owners leave out for other animals can also be a tasty source of food. There are also plenty of things around a home that an Oklahoma opossum can use to build the nest out of. There are lots of leaves and branches, paper, and much more. People even leave tarps and other canvas materials outside that can really make for a great nest builder as well. This really helps to make your porch or shed area the ideal residence for the possum. While you may not like to hear this, if you do not guard your porch or shed area well to make sure that possums cannot get in, you may have a whole litter of them scurrying around your Tulsa home.

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